Social Selling – Stage 1 – Building a brand through Content Marketing

It is unique, new and surprising items that sell best through Social-PR. It’s obvious, but we must consider one more factor.

Perhaps you are selling something that is not unique at all, you probably have quite a competition on the market. Be sure to check whether your competition is present on LinkedIn. I had a conversation with a client recently, who did not offer anything that unique. A product just like a thousand other, similar firms. On top of that, the possibilities of changing the supplier were very limited. However, it turned out that the competition almost didn’t exist on LinkedIn, and the target group was omnipresent there. At the same time, the possibility of using Social-PR has grown significantly. What counts, therefore, is not so much competition on the market as the media through which you are planning to operate. Nay! Not just that. What also counts is whether your target group is following or has your competition in their contact network, or even whether they write in their native language.

Be sure to check whether you are able to surprise or arouse the interest of users. Do you have a topic that could make its presence on the “local market” of your LinkedIn network? You don’t have to write directly about your product. In most cases, it’s even better that you don’t. A much better way is to write about what may arouse the interest of your target group.

The post is part of the article 10 tips on how to sell via LinkedIn using Social-PR