Social Selling – Stage 2 – Think about what can really arouse the interest of your clients

Usually when I asked the marketing department to provide an interesting article for LinkedIn, I got 2 types of those. The first one contained a few pages of praises of a product or service. It told how it was the best, the most amazing, one of a kind. When I asked about some sort of handbook from the field related to the product, I got something like: “10 factors which you must look out for when choosing an accounting office”. That’s a bit better. . . If it weren’t for that fact that each point was “proof” how perfect the office of the author is. It’s as if you had taken 10 assets of your company from the SWOT analysis and wrote an article based on them. If I were to write articles about why I am the best LinkedIn specialist in Poland, would you see me as one?

Ok. . . I’ve probably mentioned everything that you shouldn’t do. So how to choose the right topic? In my opinion it’s so obvious, that I am surprised that I had something to write the previous paragraph about.

Share the knowledge that is of interest to your target group generously.

Walk the shoes of your client and think about what is of interest to him. What are his problems, challenges? Share knowledge, don’t be afraid that he will manage on his own. There will always be a “Ms Goody-two-shoes”, but it’s better that they take knowledge from you and speak about you rather than the competition. When somebody has a small business and thinks like somebody who has a small business – they will never hire anyone. If somebody wants to learn, to understand and then delegate – sooner or later they will call you. There are also ways to change the probability of this happening, but maybe we will speak of it another time.

Once you find the right topics, write and do not advertise anything.

You can encourage to contact, place links to other articles or a webinar but remember that it is not a sponsored article.

The post is part of the article 10 tips on how to sell via LinkedIn using Social-PR.