Social Selling – Stage 3 – start writing about topics interesting to the target group even if they are not directly related to your product

You can write about topics that are interesting for your target group but completely unrelated to your product. For example, a company providing a CRM system (a software that allows you to keep in order your relations with the clients) does not necessarily have to write about these types of systems. A much better topic will be effective sales. It’s interesting for salespeople. Perhaps they are not always the decision-makers when it comes to the selection of the system, but most frequently they have a lot to say during its choice.

The strategy is as follows. We write on a topic that is of interest to the target group to attract it. Reading each article, they see then name of the brand which allows them to memorise it. Of course, this is still too little. Hence, we should try to make contact with them. Here to our aid come classical boxes with an enquiry to subscribe, advertising a free e-book or webinar. I know. . . It’s frustrating but effective and the truth is that if you write interesting content, the reader will not resign anyway.  Ok, but that’s a classic one. Can you do more with LinkedIn?

The post is part of the article 10 tips on how to sell via LinkedIn using Social-PR.