Social Selling – Stage 5 – Gaining the audience

You could write an entire encyclopaedia and not gain anything or write a few articles and increase your sales greatly. That is why it is very important to gain the so-called followers, meaning people who will see what you publish.

Private vs. business

There are two types of profiles on the portal – private and business. Getting followers for a business profile is quite the challenge. In my opinion, generally social media portals are created for P2P relations (people-people). For that reason, I mainly focus on getting followers for private profiles. An additional argument behind such a policy is that we are working on building your brand as an expert – your brand, and not the company’s. We promote the business as a team of experts.

So how to get readers amongst the potential clients?

  1. Get yourself a network
  2. Organic acquisition od clients

The post is part of the article 10 tips on how to sell via LinkedIn using Social-PR.