Social Selling – Stage 7 – Attract readers and clients organically

If you do not like inviting strangers, I have good news. If you play it out well with the subject and relate to the interests of your target group, there’s a big chance that after 6 months you will be able to stop inviting people because. . . Others will invite you. Good content is appreciated and with time, your potential clients will hand you their own business cards by inviting you to their contacts. Sometimes they develop this reflex naturally, other times you must help them a bit. How? You must place a special link in the article.

Right. . . Are you interested in sales through LinkedIn? Would you like to receive notifications about new parts? Invite me to your contacts.

If you would like to have a link like this one inviting to your account, write to me.

The post is part of the article 10 tips on how to sell via LinkedIn using Social-PR.