Social Selling – Stage 8 – Not just leads, how to support closing sales deals?

I still remember the presentation of a very passionate scientist before a businessman. After several minutes of a captivating presentation, he received just one response “ok, ok, cool, but how much money can you make on this?”. Writing articles interesting for your target group does not necessarily need to bring benefits. Often times, it is just a means to an end. A very good, but also long road.  Publishing interesting, substantive content impacts many areas at the same time.

  • it generates independent enquiries (after a long time)
  • it increases your contact network
  • it (initially) warms up your contacts
  • it affects your expert image

So, you must keep in mind that the aim of writing interesting content is not to generate leads. The goal is also to look for help in closing a deal.

Imagine a situation like this. . .

You call a completely new, potential client. You introduce yourself and you hear: “Yes, (I recall your name), I’ve read your article”. Hasn’t a “cold call” become much warmer at this moment?

Another case.

You arrive to a meeting. There are 5 people there. A few weeks before arrival, you invited all decision-makers and advisors (the entire decision-making centre) to your LinkedIn contacts. After acceptance, you regularly visit their profiles and use a few clever methods to “grab attention”. Thanks to this, they are regular visitors to your profile. A part of them has become interested in the content published by you. In the worst-case scenario, you “only” get not being a stranger to them anymore. In the best, you build the image of an expert, which will significantly increase your chance to close a deal. However, you always increase your chance, because (despite it not being politically correct), contracts are best given to people whom you know better. Trust is one of the most important factors.

If you need help building an expert image on LinkedIn write to me.

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